DITA Eyewear is very exclusive. Their look is special, their quality is excellent. And – yes – they have their price. But: Who falls in love with the look of a DITA will definitely be happy with it. The American eyewear brand meets the highest standards, also in terms of fit and wearing comfort.

1995 was the release date of the first collection by the founder-duo Jeff Solorio and John Juniper. The two photographers started the business being  completely clueless, motivated by the idea to create sunglasses for ladies. Now their label is very popular amongst celebrities worldwide.

All models are designed in in L.A. and then manufactured in one of the seven Japanese factories – by experienced master of spectacle craftsmanship. Solorio and Juniper are detail-oriented and place importance on perfection. Each frame is polished seven days with bamboo tiles and their preparation time is approximately eight months. So every DITA has a Vita when it meets its owner – and that strengthens its charisma.

The brand name is a tribute to the American fashion icon Dita Von Teese. However, the handmade eyewear only reached cult-status due to their high-end format.  Anyone looking for a DITA, will find it in Germany at about 50 locations.

In Bremen exclusively at STILPLUS.