“Style is proper omission of the unessential.” Anselm Feuerbach

We are enthusiastic about perfectly formed quality eyewear that is reduced to the essentials. We passionately track them down and present them in a stylish setting. The experience of selling an exclusive model is always nice. But it’s nothing compared to the magic of the moment, when a pair of glasses with character found their human counterpart. Exactly those moments are what drives us every day.

As trained ophthalmic and dispensing opticians we also offer:

A professional determination of your vision, eye examination

The latest examination- and video-centering technology for all lenses especially for the newest generation of progressive lenses

A tolerance warenty on all products purchased from us two, sometimes three-year warranty on all products

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Best regards your Team of STILPLUS OPTIC Bremen

Christina Quest
Andreas Elster
Hauke Peters